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Welcome to the humble digital home of shitcomics - my answer to the question nobody asked, "what if you made comics, but shitter?"

I upload past, previous and (potentially) future content here on an irregular basis. To enjoy irregular content elsewhere, follow on instagram.

Want more? Why not take a peek into the shitcomics universe - a collection of shitcomics that are loosely linked by a rambling, confused and clumsy (though occasionally clever) narrative.

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pigeons. lots of pigeons.

I am planning on starting a new project, entitled "it's all true." The idea behind it is that everything - E V E R Y T H I N G - is true. All the conspiracy theories? True.
If you're excited, don't get your hopes up: I (astoundingly) have a life. Other interests, other commitments, other passions. I also have a short attention span. I need support, basically. Pay me to do this, and I will feel both enabled and obliged. Go on. Do it. I DARE YOU.

The shitcomics story

Hi, I'm Kit.
I have always loved comics. I have also always feared commitment. Shitcomics was born in 2015 as a compromise between these two things: by creating comics that were shit, I got to both indulge my passion and avoid any commitment to quality.

Shitcomics has changed over time. The first pieces were full stories, told over multiple pages, fuelled by stimulants. Later on, instalments became shorter - due in large part to my misguided desire to reach a wider audience. This, of course, has not happened, and shitcomics continues to languish in obscurity. The shitcomics universe is where you'll find this mediocre brand's magnum opus. There's a fair amount of work on the instagram, linked below. To see my other comics project visit here. Enjoy.


Or you could not. Just a thought.

Thank you

(I guess).